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Vulcano UltraTrail 48km – Race Recap!

On Saturday December 9th, I ran my first ultra-marathon. It was a 48km race around Volcano Osorno in the South of Chile, with elevation gain of 7000ft. The race, called Vulcano UltraTrail, was run by Merrell. If you ask me to describe this race in one word, and one word only, I would not hesitate.… Continue reading Vulcano UltraTrail 48km – Race Recap!

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MINDSET – It’s all in your head

Oops, I made a pun. I really should apologise… apart from I won’t! I actually planned this pun on a run, and even thinking about it made me smile whilst my legs were pumping. Puns make me happy and for me, happiness makes me a better and more confident runner. So no, I won’t apologise… Continue reading MINDSET – It’s all in your head

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20 miles and 10km Race For Life – Sunday Recap

I wasn’t planning on writing a whole post dedicated to this day, simply because I tried to treat it just like a normal long run day, so it wasn’t so special for me. But there were so many weird things that happened and things which didn’t quite work out that I decided there were enough… Continue reading 20 miles and 10km Race For Life – Sunday Recap

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OOPS – Should I apologise for my food choices?

A few days ago, I posted a picture on Instagram of my breakfast, with the caption about fueling up for my busy day ahead of me. They were blueberry and chia overnight oats and they were the bomb, so creamy and delicious. In response, I got likes, I got comments… and I got a few… Continue reading OOPS – Should I apologise for my food choices?

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DELAY – It’s not the same as giving up

I’m training for a marathon I’ve decided not to run. When I first came out here to Chile, I had no intentions of running any races here, instead preparing to train smarter and better so I would be stronger than ever when I returned to England. But, as I’ve already discussed here, I soon realised… Continue reading DELAY – It’s not the same as giving up

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Weekly workout round-up: Decision Time!

TOTAL: 39 miles run, 3 strength sessions, 1 climbing session This week has been so strange, seeming to drag so slowly from Monday-Thursday and then the past three days racing away in the blink of an eye. It’s also been filled with some super high points, and some quite bad lows where things just kept… Continue reading Weekly workout round-up: Decision Time!