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TREADMILL – A blessing in disguise?

Treadmill. The dreadmill. The hamster wheel. Running in the gym brings with it so many negative connotations, of boredom and of wasted opportunities to spend time in the sun, out in the fresh air. But although I would never dream of switching to treadmill running permanently, there are benefits to it which you just can’t… Continue reading TREADMILL – A blessing in disguise?

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Weekly workout round-up – July check-in!

38 miles run, 3 strength sessions, 1 climbing session July is done. 178 miles run. Plus climbing, hiking, lifting and walking. And friend visits and family parties which have wreaked havoc with my training schedule. 178 miles, which is my highest total monthly mileage ever. It breaks down into an average of 5.75 miles a… Continue reading Weekly workout round-up – July check-in!

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ACTIVEWEAR – necessary or just accessory?

I’m an activewear addict. I probably spend more on activewear and running kit than I do on normal clothes, and I definitely spend more time wearing them and perusing internet shopping sites for good deals on my favourite brands. But how much of this is necessary for good athletic performance, and how much is just… Continue reading ACTIVEWEAR – necessary or just accessory?

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Weekly Workout Round-up, intensive week!

TOTAL – 48 miles run, 10 miles hiked, 3 strength sessions, 1 climbing session As I did last week, I've linked up with Jess and Jess from Jess runs ATL and The Right Fits for their weekly workout round-up. I find this round-up an amazing way of keeping motivated by watching what all of the… Continue reading Weekly Workout Round-up, intensive week!

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PALEO PROTEIN GRANOLA – the best snack, breakfast or nice cream topping!

I’m a snacker, preferring to pick at things when I’m hungry as opposed to planning and eating at certain times and places. This was made slightly more difficult when I switched to a Paleo diet, as suddenly my mainstay of yoghurt or granola (or... yoghurt and granola) had to be replaced. Or, so I thought… Continue reading PALEO PROTEIN GRANOLA – the best snack, breakfast or nice cream topping!