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Weekly Workout Round-up: I’M BACK!!

TOTAL: 30 miles ran, 2 strength sessions. I think I have finally settled back into a routine here! (Cue happy music, and self-congratulatory GIFs) It has (only) taken me 4 weeks to get back on track, after moving and starting a new job and figuring out everything from the bus system, to which roads I’m… Continue reading Weekly Workout Round-up: I’M BACK!!

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Weekly workout round-up – July check-in!

38 miles run, 3 strength sessions, 1 climbing session July is done. 178 miles run. Plus climbing, hiking, lifting and walking. And friend visits and family parties which have wreaked havoc with my training schedule. 178 miles, which is my highest total monthly mileage ever. It breaks down into an average of 5.75 miles a… Continue reading Weekly workout round-up – July check-in!

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Weekly Workout Round-up, intensive week!

TOTAL – 48 miles run, 10 miles hiked, 3 strength sessions, 1 climbing session As I did last week, I've linked up with Jess and Jess from Jess runs ATL and The Right Fits for their weekly workout round-up. I find this round-up an amazing way of keeping motivated by watching what all of the… Continue reading Weekly Workout Round-up, intensive week!

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PAIN – where do athletes draw the line?

The tearing of skin. The brilliant flash of a bead of blood. Then, the sharp ache of a blister. A build-up of pressure. A constant dull pain in the shins which intensifies into a knife-edge on any contact. The fear of shin splints, of stress fractures. A fall, out of the blue. Grazed knees and… Continue reading PAIN – where do athletes draw the line?