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UPDATE: A very hectic few weeks

I tried to change my blog name yesterday. As some of you may have noticed, I have taken a few weeks from blogging properly and even Instagram has taken a back seat. That’s because the last three weeks have seen visits from my parents and also a two-week holiday visit from my boyfriend, neither of… Continue reading UPDATE: A very hectic few weeks

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OOPS – Should I apologise for my food choices?

A few days ago, I posted a picture on Instagram of my breakfast, with the caption about fueling up for my busy day ahead of me. They were blueberry and chia overnight oats and they were the bomb, so creamy and delicious. In response, I got likes, I got comments… and I got a few… Continue reading OOPS – Should I apologise for my food choices?

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Weekly workout round-up – July check-in!

38 miles run, 3 strength sessions, 1 climbing session July is done. 178 miles run. Plus climbing, hiking, lifting and walking. And friend visits and family parties which have wreaked havoc with my training schedule. 178 miles, which is my highest total monthly mileage ever. It breaks down into an average of 5.75 miles a… Continue reading Weekly workout round-up – July check-in!

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ACTIVEWEAR – necessary or just accessory?

I’m an activewear addict. I probably spend more on activewear and running kit than I do on normal clothes, and I definitely spend more time wearing them and perusing internet shopping sites for good deals on my favourite brands. But how much of this is necessary for good athletic performance, and how much is just… Continue reading ACTIVEWEAR – necessary or just accessory?