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Weekly Workout Round-up, intensive week!

TOTAL – 48 miles run, 10 miles hiked, 3 strength sessions, 1 climbing session As I did last week, I've linked up with Jess and Jess from Jess runs ATL and The Right Fits for their weekly workout round-up. I find this round-up an amazing way of keeping motivated by watching what all of the… Continue reading Weekly Workout Round-up, intensive week!

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PAIN – where do athletes draw the line?

The tearing of skin. The brilliant flash of a bead of blood. Then, the sharp ache of a blister. A build-up of pressure. A constant dull pain in the shins which intensifies into a knife-edge on any contact. The fear of shin splints, of stress fractures. A fall, out of the blue. Grazed knees and… Continue reading PAIN – where do athletes draw the line?

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READING – the best way to learn 

I love writing, but my love of writing first stems from the love of reading that my parents encouraged in me from a young age. Reading, books, articles, magazines, anything that I could pick up to add to my knowledge of the world.  Recently, my time has been taken up with reading for work and… Continue reading READING – the best way to learn 

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FITNESS, FAMILY, FOOD – an unsustainable triangle?

My family is big, noisy and a little bit crazy. I love it, I love my brothers, my sister, my parents. But I am the youngest so I am watched. I am watched as I always have been and probably always will be. I am watched so that they can question my decisions, give me… Continue reading FITNESS, FAMILY, FOOD – an unsustainable triangle?