Hi! I’m Izzy, a 21-year-old journalist from England, and I’m also a fitness and health freak in my spare time. I set up this blog to document my progress through the world of the Paleo diet, as a place for discussing the issues around the fitness community and sharing my thoughts.

I’ll be posting ‘Random Thoughts’ posts, each discussing an element of the fitness industry which has been seen to be polemical, and presenting my views of the issues. I will also publish my favourite Paleo recipes, as well as a run-down of that week’s workouts – logging my strength routines and my running miles!

As a linguist and a journalist, I have a tendency to not stay in any one country for a long period of time, so this blog is a way of keeping me on track through the next year where I will be working and travelling in Chile, Spain, France, the UK and America! I will be posting my experiences of fitting into the fitness communities in each of these countries, how to balance nutrition with making new friends, and shopping and finding my “essentials” in each city.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and tracing my progress through the weeks – it’s been a true joy to set it up. Drop me a follow on instagram (@primallyimperfect) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/primallyimperfect) if you want to see even more of what I get up to!

I also love hearing from my followers, so please drop me a message on any of the platforms above, or comment on any of my articles 🙂

Happy reading!