Weekly Workout Round-up: Recovery Week

TOTALS: 33 miles run, 3 strength workouts

This week was a de-load week in preparation for some long runs coming up! I had a lower mileage long run, and lower mileages through the week – which was just what I needed after the hectic week I had last week (if you haven’t yet seen my race recap, you can read it here).

Not a lot to report really, apart from I’m having second thoughts over my marathon in December – I will be prepared, but several people I have talked to have said that it’s a very small race, a bit boring, with it just being 1 straight road you follow for 26.2 miles. Apparently, there are no crowds, they don’t even shut off the road so vehicles are still whizzing by. I really don’t know whether that’s what I want to do for my marathon here in Chile, but it’s the only one anytime in December or late November. Any comments or help would be much appreciated!

MONDAY: 4 miles EASY, 45 mins STRENGTH

Very easy Monday after my race on Sunday – just shake-out miles on the treadmill at a slow pace. I then did 45 mins with a barbell, working on my strength because I feel I’ve really taken a step back with that since I’ve got to Chile. Only 2 more months here until I’m back home though, which will make a big difference!


Apart from a very long walk around town, lugging 6kg of vegetable produce, I did nothing on Tuesday. I wanted to go climbing but I was busy with work and then couldn’t get the motivation to go to the gym near me – I just really don’t like it. I’m going to try a different one this week though!


There is a very big hill near me, which I normally run up on a trail. However, there is also a road which slowly snakes its way to the top, via another hill, taking 4 miles instead of the 2 on the trail. Instead of practising my short and steep bursts, today’s hill session was focussed on long and slow endurance climbing. I was slooow but I was happy with getting to the top without too much gasping! And then fleeew down again fast… but not as fast as my tracker recorded, which suggested I was going at a 2:00/mile pace at one point!! Not sure how that happened (I only tracked the way down, as I knew going up would be terribly slow).



Ergh. Just ergh. I was too sleepy for this run, and just never got into a rhythm. Not sure why, but sometimes bad runs just happen! Came back and slept.

FRIDAY: 2 miles TEST, 45 mins STRENGTH

I was really excited for Friday, because I was meant to be doing a 1-mile speed test. This was a warm-up and then 1 mile as quick as I could. I decided to do it on a treadmill as I wanted to go to the gym anyway, and don’t have a track near me. But a quarter through my mile (I was going 6:00/mile) I started to get bad pain along my hamstring. Seeing as I thought I’d strained it two weeks ago, and have been wary ever since, I didn’t risk it so finished 800m at 6:00/mile pace, then slowed right up. Shame because otherwise I think I would have completed it! Total of 2 miles because of a warm-up, then another 45 mins of lifting heavy things, according to an app I follow with a “Complete Barbell” programme.

SATURDAY: Rest day

Lots of work, sleep and a trip to the market to buy almond to make almond butter. Which didn’t work ☹ So a wasted afternoon, but I was walking around a lot anyway!

SUNDAY: 14 miles LONG, 20 mins STRENGTH

I woke up this morning to see everyone posting about the Chicago Marathon and felt awful. Not because they were running a marathon, but because I decided I was a really bad runner who didn’t even deserve the name “runner”. I don’t know what was going on, but I didn’t feel like running AT ALL because I was convinced I was terrible at it. I eventually got out of the door, but didn’t switch my tracking app on or even look at the time as I left, with the intention of just running slowly and not pushing anything. And it worked!! Not as fast as some (9:00/mile ish) but I did it and it reminded me why I run, why I love to run. I just need to remember sometimes being able to run a half-marathon every weekend really is an accomplishment.

I also ran a little bit on snow. SNOW. It’s meant to be getting into summer here but this morning was just super cold… Later after, a walk around town and a lot of work done in a café, I also did 20 mins bodyweight ab work. I feel like I don’t do enough bodyweight stuff at home, so I’ve set myself a goal to do it at least 3 mornings per week for about 20-30 mins.

And that’s it! Not a very exciting week, especially not compared to last week. But also some good training, more miles logged, and even more to come. 42 miles on the cards next week – the most of my training cycle so far… wish me luck!

Like the past few weeks, I’ll be linking up with Jess and Jess at The RIght Fits and Jess Runs ATL for their weekly link-up which can be found here (not up yet but I’ll link in when it is!!). Also I’ll be joining MissSippiPiddlin and HohoRuns for their round-up, which I’m really enjoying being a part of 🙂

What was your week like? If you have any comments or can advise me on my marathon issue, let me know below the line – I love hearing from you all 😊 Have a great week!

14 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Round-up: Recovery Week

    1. Thanks!! Oh I hope they’ve recovered by now 😊 I know, but Im currently living in Chile and Almond butter is really expensive and not readily available so I thought I’d try… I’ll have to dig some out though from somewhere!


  1. Running (and speed) is all relative and subjective. Admittedly, I wish I could be faster (without having to train for it LOL), but I have a lot more endurance than most of the “fast” runners. Whenever I get annoyed that I can’t break a plateau or PR a distance (the 13.1 has been consistently in a rut in recent years), I remind myself that being able to run 13.1 miles is a blessing in itself, and I need to not take it for granted.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so true, thanks for your comment! I think because you see so many people on instagram who are so fast, I tend to forget that for a “normal” runner, I’m not slow! And that half marathons and marathon training is more than most people would ever think of going… I like that you consider it a “blessing”, I’ll remember that 🙂


  2. You had a solid week of training! I tend to “zone out” when running, so the boring route probably wouldn’t bother me. As long as I had nice weather, I’d be OK. Of course I’d be listening to music too. Almond butter is expensive in the states too, relatively speaking. But I’m addicted to Justin’s Maple on Vanilla Wafers. Good luck with your long mileage week! Thanks for linking.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, I’m still completely undecided!! But yes I guess I’ll probably just zone out – that’s what I do on my training runs but I was maybe hoping for something different on race day to really push me. Thanks for hosting!!


  3. Thanks for joining our link-up! You must be ahead of us in time zones, we try to get it up as early as we can 🙂 It’s up now, haha!

    Awesome week but…SNOW?!? Wow. I’m not ready for that!

    Way to go on the hill workout!


    1. Haha yes I think I was also a bit early on the posting, I had some spare time on Sunday! I’ll link in now 🙂
      Snow here is super rare, especially in the city and now we are officially moving into summer (I’m in the Souther Hemisphere). But its meant to be warming up now so hopefully I’ll be getting a tan rather than goosebumps when I run!


  4. Speed is relative and 9ish mile is pretty fast in my book. It’s hard not compare ourselves to others. I love to just go out and run and not look at the pace.


    1. Haha yeah I do love it though, because the views are superb. Also, when I’m running up on the trail, I get so many weird looks because NOONE runs up that trail, it’s a killer 😂 (I do run / walk intervals up). Congrats on your half!!


  5. Great job with your running this week! Yikes….I don’t know about that race. I did do a race where one of the roads we were running on wasn’t closed to traffic and let me tell you…that wasn’t fun. Will there be a lot of runners or is it a smaller race?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!! I know, I keep putting off signing up for it… Its a small race, not one of the “majors” even here in Chile (which means it’s tiny compared to the rest of the world haha). I’m contemplating​ just doing trail races here, and then waiting until March when I have the Barcelona marathon.


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