Weekly Workout Round-up: Surprise half marathon edition!

TOTAL: 39 miles run, 2 strength sessions

I’m in the middle of training for a marathon, logging all of my miles and trying to follow plan as much as possible. What that plan did not tell me to do was… race a half-marathon on Sunday. Yet, what did I do? I did just that, because it was a great way of spending time with my running friends here in Chile and seeing a new town from a completely different perspective.

Because of my half, I did a mini taper towards the end of the week, front-loading all of my miles so I could have some easier days towards race day. I also finished the miles of my long run later in the day after my half-marathon, so I could end the week with a clear and happy conscience (although with TIRED legs).

I also came down with the most awful cold on Thursday, which had me in bed until after midday and seriously considering myself foolish for signing up to run and booking a hostel. This limited my strength sessions, and I also struck leg day off the schedule to save strength for the race. This means my strength workouts were sadly lacking this week!

MONDAY: 6.5 miles EASY (ish)

I joined a running club for the first time here in Santiago, and went out for my first run with them on Monday evening! I ended up running over a mile to get there, because traffic was terrible so I hopped off the bus early to make sure I got there in time. We then warmed up, and I set off at a slow jog… which was way too slow for me. So I ran off, catching up with some men who were happy to have me running with them for 5 miles, at around 8:15 pace. It wasn’t totally easy-paced, but still conversational, and I had fun! Everyone was tapering for a marathon / half-marathon that weekend at a seaside town, and kept asking me if I was going… so I decided to get online and book! The start of my week of madness.


Running rest day was much needed after having run 27 miles in 3 days. But I still made it to the gym for my strength session, which saw me lifting up heavy bars and putting them down again. I then finished off with some ab work using the TRX bands, but nothing too intensive as I was aware of my race coming up.


Two runs on Wednesday: the first, in the morning, was a run up the trail near my apartment. 1 km to the trailhead, then 2.5 km up (with 300m elevation gain). Quick stop at the top of the hill to drink in the view, then down down down the steep trail, taking extra care not to trip on a root or a loose stone.

The second run was with the same running group as Monday, but this time I stuck with a slow pace (like 9:15/mile) for 4 miles. This was me TRYING to taper and be cool in the face of the challenge to come. I took the metro, not the bus, so there was no problem with traffic, but still decided to run the mile from the metro station – my plan of front-loading my mileage so I could take the next couple of days more easily.


This was the day I came down with my stupid cold, which had me laying in bed and unable to breathe from my clogged nose and ears. I was just so tired, and almost couldn’t be bothered to go to the gym. But I’m also pig-headed and really wanted to get the miles in. Treadmill miles: 1 mile w/u, 3 miles at 8:00, 1 miles c/d. Would have gone faster or done intervals, but neither my brain or my legs could be bothered. Then I tried to do some strength work (arms) but gave up after 10 minutes when nothing was cooperating. Sleep was much needed!

FRIDAY: 2 miles EASY

Just a leg-stretch around the park in the evening, as a detour on the way to the supermarket. It was mainly just to keep schedule and stretch out a bit, but also because I’d been eating a ton of carbs to try and compensate for my lack of a taper, and had lots of energy to burn, despite still feeling a bit ill! I walked around a ton during the day because I had some interviews in the centre of town, about a mile and a half away from me, and I didn’t want to be stuffed down on public transport.

SATURDAY: Rest day (and travel day!!)

The race was in a town on the coast about 2 hours on the bus from one of the terminals on the outskirts of the city. Part of the running group had planned to take the bus together so I met them there, and we went off to the Expo to collect race numbers. I then walked to my hostel and just chilled really – resting my legs for the next day.


I’ll be writing a full race report, which I’ll publish later this week, but basically: IT WAS FUN!!! I ran 1:53, so I missed my PB by just 1 minute, but considering my illness, my lack of tapering, and the fact my legs had run 40 miles the past week, I was very happy. It was also a tough course because it was out-and-back, with the entire final 6.5 miles facing the already-burning sun. I went out waaay too fast, which I paid for later. But, more on that in the race report! I waited for the rest of my running friends to finish (I was one of the first!!) and then went back to the hostel to shower and change, then back on the bus home. After re-feeding, I hopped back into my running gear (including my new race t-shirt) for a final 5km to finish off my long run mileage for the day!

Looking back at my week, you can catch up with my other blog posts if you missed them:

  • IMPULSIVENESS – written the day after signing up for the half-marathon, a consideration of why I’m so rigid with my training – and why it’s good sometimes just to go with the flow.
  • EXPLORING – a reflection of how I use running to complement my love of travelling, allowing me to gain new insights into towns and cities and maintain fitness (even during a 6-month backpacking trip through South America!)

This was a long week, and full of unexpected twists, but I’m happy with the results. This week, the plan suggest a light week (if 32 miles can ever be described as being “light”), with a slightly scaled-back long run (14 miles instead of 16) and a “speed-test” on one day – so I only have to run ONE MILE! What do you have planned for the week ahead?

Once again, I’ll be linking up with Jess and Jess from Jess Runs ATL and The Right Fits. It’s a great link-up! The post can be found here. Last week I also linked up with MissSippiPiddlin and Holly from HoHo Runs for their weekly link-up, and I’ll be continuing that this week! They have so many wonderful ladies joining in, from all levels and styles of fitness, so each post is completely unique and definitely worth a read. Their link can be found here.

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