Weekly Workout Round-up: A WEEK LATE!

TOTAL: 32 miles run, 2 strength sessions, 1 climbing session

(Quick note – I wrote this on Monday 18th, when I was on the plane to L.A, but then was so busy with work that I didn’t have time to post it! So, it’s coming today with another post I wrote on the plane then didn’t post. My round-up for this week will be coming tomorrow!)

Is it bizarre to say that I think I’m getting back to normal? As in, thinking that running over 30 miles a week is my normal? I’m not sure, but I know it’s what makes me happy, what makes me more riven during the day and concentrated in my work. I know I like having a goal, and I don’t like it when things are just easy.

This week? Actually, kind of easy. Not totally, not my long run, and I had some scheduling switch-ups I had to deal with, but most of my workouts were great! I’ve started a new strength regime (more on that in a future post) and I eventually went back to climbing, so I feel like my running is being supported a lot further.

But, I’m writing this from a plane! I’m on my way from Santiago, Chile, to Los Angeles, the USA, to cover a tourism summit for my work. It’s a LOOOONG way (total travel time door-to-door is about 18 hours one way) and I’m going there and back in a space of 5 days. I’m aware that this may knock my schedule out a little bit, mainly through having to jam in workouts when I’m tired or jetlagged.

For example, my marathon training plan tells me that today (Monday) is a 6-mile recovery run, slow speed. Whilst normally I would have no trouble with that, I left the house this morning at 5am, and I arrive at L.A. at 7pm American time (11pm Chilean time). By the time I get to my hotel, check-in, I might not have the energy or the time to do a 55-minute run… I’ll let you know how it goes in next week’s round-up.

MONDAY: 4 miles EASY, 40 mins strength

After my 10.5 miles last Sunday, my legs felt fine and I was happy to go to the gym for this workout. I took the easy miles at about 9:15 pace (about my long run pace) and got them in whilst watching Amazon Prime. It’s slightly annoying because there are geographic restrictions on what you can watch in Chile due to licensing issues, but I downloaded a few movies before I left the U.K. and I’ve been saving them for the treadmill! The strength was my first time doing a new workout programme, which I will be discussing in a blogpost on Wednesday (so I won’t spoil it by talking much about it now!).

TUESDAY: Climbing

It’s been A WHILE since I stepped into a climbing gym (almost a month…) and I was expecting it to be harder going back than it actually was. The gym I have found is about a mile from my house, a lovely walk through a park and down residential streets, so it’s no effort to get to, I’ve just been putting it off. I went once last month and in all honesty I wasn’t too happy – the gym itself has a lot of routes, but they all start at a 5/5+ level and upwards. I’m a 5/5+ climber, so it really limits me to not have the easier 3/3+. 4/4+ routes that I’m used to having back home. Nevertheless, this time, I was happily surprised by the number of routes I could tick off, and “projects” I found to work on. I will be going back, as long as they change up the routes often!


This was one of the badly-scheduled days. I had a breakfast meeting, so couldn’t fit in a run in the early morning, then thought I’d arranged to Skype with a friend back home early afternoon which I really didn’t want to miss as I was feeling a bit down. Then I had an evening meeting with my boss and editors, which complicated things further! I went out for 4.5 miles after the morning meeting, up 1000ft of altitude and then back down on a steep trail. Then, after seeing my friend, I ran the other 2.5 miles around one of the parks in my neighbourhood – if I had had the time to do 7 miles all at once I would have run to the trail, up and down the mountain twice (total altitude gain = 2000ft) then run home, but sadly my plan didn’t work out! Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure my legs thanked me for it, because I also walked about 6 miles for all the meetings I had.

THURSDAY: 4 miles EASY, 40 mins strength

Again, back to the gym for some easy treadmill miles. Apart from I accidentally didn’t do them as “easy” miles, and ran about an 8:30 pace – not really hard, but a lot faster than my plan! (when I say accidentally, I actually mean I just got bored on the treadmill and started doing intervals. Oops.) Then, back to my plan for 40 mins of barbell work. My gym is right above a starbucks, so this session was finished with an iced coffee in the sun whilst working on a couple of articles for work. Can’t complain…


Okay so, as I talked about in a recent post, I’m following a plan called “BREAK 4:00 OR BUST” which has me aiming to run a marathon in a pace of 9:09 per mile. This means that the tempo runs are meant to be run at MP, which is 9:09. However, at the moment, that is more or less my “long run pace” so I don’t feel like it is much of an effort! This workout called for 4 miles – 1 mile warm-up, 2 miles at MP (9:09), 1 mile cool-down. However, I did all 4 in an average pace of 8:30. Oops again.

SATURDAY: Rest day!!!

Basically, I sat in one park in the morning doing translation work (not for work exactly, more for fun) and then spent the afternoon wandering around another park at a celebration for Chilean Independence Day. Nothing stressful! However, I was walking around in the heat and didn’t have any water with me, which ended up making me really dehydrated in the evening. I thought I sorted it, but I was still feeling weak on Sunday, which had b.a.d. repercussions.


Not a good run. Some of you may have seen my Instagram post about this but to sum it up: I should get my ass outta bed earlier and run before it heats up outside. My long run route this week saw me running up the river for 6.5 miles then turning around and heading back almost the same way for 6.5 miles. Sounds easy? What I had overlooked was that in those first 6.5 miles I gained 700ft altitude (not huge, but it was a constant incline with pretty much no flats) and that I would be running straight into the burning hot altitude-fuelled sun. When I got home, my average pace was 9:08, which sounds great on the surface, but it doesn’t account for the 6 stops I took just to get some shade and cool off a bit. Lesson learnt.

When you can’t run… you take selfies instead. You can’t see the amount of sweat I was producing here, but it was remarkable!

So that’s my weekly run-down! Like last week, I’ll be linking up with Jess and Jess at The Right Fits and Jess Runs ATL. The link-up link is here for anyone who wants to check out the inspiring group of women runners (it’s not limited to just women, but it somehow always seems to be females participating!).

Again – because this is a week late, I won’t be linking up on this post, but check out the two blogs above anyway – they are really inspiring and their workouts are always written really well 🙂

What have you been up to this week? Do you have a “normal” routine that other people might think is a bit strange? What do you do when you have a bad run?

Comment below, or drop me a message on Instagram (primallyimperfect) – I’d love to hear from you!

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