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Weekly Workout Round-up: I’M BACK!!

TOTAL: 30 miles ran, 2 strength sessions.

I think I have finally settled back into a routine here! (Cue happy music, and self-congratulatory GIFs) It has (only) taken me 4 weeks to get back on track, after moving and starting a new job and figuring out everything from the bus system, to which roads I’m least likely to be run down on if I run on them in the afternoon.

And this week, I round-up with a 30-mile week, plus 3 strength sessions. Would I have been happy with this 2 or 3 months ago? No. No, because I was in a different place, and trying to cram in as many miles as possible.

However, ultimately, the only difference with my training at the moment is the length of my long runs. In July, my long running days (Sunday) would be 20 miles, with another 20-25 miles spread through the week. This week, my “long” run was 10 miles, so I am still keeping the 20 miles in during the week.

Something you may have noticed has fallen by the wayside slightly has been my climbing, simply because my routines haven’t particularly been good enough for me to fit it in yet. There is a gym about a 15-minute walk away from my flat, and I plan on going on Tuesday.

I aim to do some sort of strength training 3 times a week, whether that is lifting at the gym or climbing. Because I took an impromptu (but much needed) rest day on Tuesday, I wasn’t able to fit in all 3 strength sessions. However… lifting gains are still incredibly coming through!!

During my workout on Thursday, I bench-pressed 45kg (5×5), which is the heaviest I’ve been able to sustain E.V.E.R. Arms and chest have always been a struggle for me, but this is evidence that the hard work of the past few months have really been paying off.

As for training goals? That’s another issue for another post, which I’ll be releasing Tuesday or Wednesday, so keep your eyes peeled for that. As a clue…. It’s going to be seeing my mileage increase significantly over the next 12 weeks!!

MONDAY: 4 miles + ARMS / ABS

Just a fairly restful 4 miles today, to recover from a weekend of hiking and running. I was feeling tired, and slightly rundown, especially because I still haven’t fully figured out this eating lark, but it was good to get some slow miles in to start the week. I then played around with the TRX bands in my gym for about 40 minutes, working out my core and my arms. I just made a circuit from a few sources I found online, but I will be tweaking it over the next few sessions and maybe I’ll publish it here!

TUESDAY: rest day. Unplanned.

I was cold and tired, and ached. And I was meant to go to the gym or climbing, but I had a really busy day at work following a student protest which got a bit violent, then had an event in the evening after which all I wanted to do was sleeeep. So I did. And I didn’t beat myself up about it, because what’s the point? Recovery is more important.


However, I did get my own back on “Tuesday me” by owning this hill workout. I bought some new trail shoes last week, and decided to test them on a tough trail up to a view point which rises 1000ft above the city. To the trail head was just under a mile, then it was about 1.3 miles up, STEEPLY. Not going to lie, I alternated running and walking up, because I was still breathing very heavily and getting my hills in. Then, I came back down entirely on the road, which was 4.3 miles to my house, a lot less steep but a lot faster! I hurt afterwards, but in a “YAAAAS B*TCH I DID IT” kind of way.

THURSDAY: 4 miles SPRINTS and full-body strength

So the day after hills, I decided to test my legs further by doing a speed workout of alternating 400m fast sections with 2 minute jogs (plus 1km warm up and cool down). I did it as a pyramid, working my way up then back down some faster speeds. This was in my gym, where I use the treadmill as a pacer. Then, in the weights area, I did 40 minutes of some full-body compound lifts: squats, deadlifts, barbell rows. And this was when I also did my bench press record (which I’m not going to be quiet about, sorry!).

FRIDAY: 5.3 miles EASY (ish)

I put off and put off this workout, because it was COLD outside and I don’t like running in the very cold damp spring weather. But, after dragging my butt outside, it actually turned out pretty well! I ran mainly on sandy tracks along the river, which follows one of the main roads. The problem with this route is the amount of pedestrian crossings I had to wait for, but most of the time they were green so I got lucky! Doing this route is UP river (not very much, only 300ft or so), but that means coming back is always a lot shorter due to the downhill!

SATURDAY: Rest day (proper)

It had been a while since I’d had a proper rest day where I stopped and did nothing. Normally Saturdays are my days of complete rest, but lately I’ve been going on hikes at the weekend on the days when I haven’t been running, which are a great workout but definitely not a rest! Obviously I took Tuesday as a “rest”, but I realised that I walked about 8 miles that day, and spent an hour running away from riot police rans and tear gas (yes, my work is slightly exciting sometimes) so again it wasn’t a rest. However, on Saturday I stayed in my room until about 4, then went out to the cinema and to read in Starbucks for a while. And I felt so much better for it!

SUNDAY: 10.2 miles LONG

I woke up and it was raining. Wait, not raining, HAILING. Looking at the weather forecast, it suggested that there would be no let-up until about 6pm, which is way later than I like to run (my long runs are the first thing I do on a Sunday, simply because then it frees up the rest of my day!). So I toyed with the idea of going to the gym, and running my 10 planned miles on a treadmill with a good movie… Until about three hours later when I realised there was a break in the clouds! 10.2 miles (slightly hilly) at around 9:00 min / mile pace. And not a drop of rain until after I’d come back and had a shower, when it started pouring again! This was a good run, however the middle 2 miles were around a park which I had never run around before, so I spent that time constantly wondering where the path was taking me, with several unexpected rises. But now I know the route for next time!

Thanks for reading, I know that this round-up post is a lot longer than normal. I guess I just got a bit excited to be back to routine, plus I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon when I still have the endorphin high of those post-run hours. (also, caffeine. I’m sat in Starbucks.)

Once again, I’m linking up with Jess and Jess from Jess Runs ATL and The Right Fits, because those girls are truly inspiring and I can only hope to try and imitate them. Check out the rest of the link-up here.

Let me know below how your week has gone. Did you smash it? Or are you having a bit of a break? What do you do when things don’t go to plan?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Round-up: I’M BACK!!

  1. Glad you’re settling into your new home! Your job sounds….fascinating! WOW…what a week! And you still squeezed in lots of fitness, nice work 🙂


    1. Thanks for visiting and leaving such a nice comment! Yes my job is always varied, but it means it can sometimes be hard to plan things around. You always have to be ready to turn and go cover something for the news! Fitness keeps me balances and healthy though.


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