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Weekly Workout Round-up!

Total: 27 miles run, 9 miles trails, 3 strength sessions

As I said in my last post, these past few weeks have been crazily busy with moving to a new country and starting a new job. Nevertheless, this past week I have got almost back to a routine with my workouts, and am gearing up for a good spring training regime.

All of these days I have walked at least 4 miles, around town and to different events and interviews. It has been a good way of getting to know the city, but also to get a lot of training in.

My nutrition hasn’t been as good as I have liked, but I will be working on that this week to start again as much as possible. I found some protein powder yesterday for a really decent price, so I’ll be incorporating that bac into my routine as well.

Monday: 4 miles and strength training

After a “long” run on Sunday, which was only 6 miles but progressed from 9:00 per mile to 7:40 per mile, I was slightly tired and achey on Monday. Nevertheless, I wanted to start the week off on a good footing, so went for a 4-mile run around the parks in my neighbourhood. It was slow but it was also good to get out!

In all of the parks in Santiago, there are bodyweight outdoor gyms, which are a fun way to incorporate a bit of strength training in the outdoors. I did a quick 20-minute circuit outside near my house just to continue working my muscles.

Tuesday: Rest day

Normally, Tuesdays are rests from running but not from strength, and in England I spent an hour or so every Tuesday doing heavy weights. I will get back to that here, but I felt it was better for my body to take a proper rest day. I still did a lot of walking today, almost 6 miles.

Wednesday: 5 mile and upper body

I got back to the gym today to do 5 miles on the treadmill and use the weights! The gym is great for me, because my flat has really bad water pressure for the shower, and the gym’s shower are so much better… Anything is a motivation to go!

I split the 5 miles into 3 miles and 2 miles and did the upper body workout in between. It was a short-ish circuit of around 30 minutes, using loose dumb-bells and bars. I also tried TRX hanging bands for the first time which was a great workout! I just need to do some more research so that I can make the most of them.

Thursday: 4 miles

Again, just a relatively short and slow run to get some miles under my feet. I did two loops of a local park, in which I kept having to stop for traffic lights! I need to find somewhere less busy to run….

Friday: 5 miles and lower body

Back to the gym, and back to the treadmill! I did pyramid interval of 800m, 600, 400, 400, 600, 800, with 1km warm up and jogging rests. I’m still not fast, but intervals are a good way of getting stronger and faster and also breaking up the workout into smaller chunks which seem easier to manage for the treadmill.

The second part of the workout was another 30-minute strength session, this tie lower body. I did a lot of squat variations (both weighted and unweighted) and push exercises. I also added in some ab exercises in between, to speed up the rest periods. I didn’t want to push myself utterly, as it has been a while since I have lifted heavy and I didn’t want to wreck myself!

Saturday: 9 miles mountain hike

Saturdays should be… rest days. Or at least, low volume, no cardio days! However, in the spirit of making new friends, I decided to join a hiking group and go to the mountains for a 9 mile hike up a mountain.

We started off at around 9am, and immediately started climbing. It was pretty much a non-stop uphill push for 2 hours, and it was HARD. I pride myself on being a quick hiker, and I am fit but the majority of the group were trail runners and were a lot faster than I was! It turns out that not having mountains or hills in England is a bit of a disadvantage.

I finished the hike tired and achey, and my legs definitely felt the burn! Hopefully I will be going back as many weekends as I can, so that I can improve my strength and fitness and also make friends. The  quick hiking will also do my running some good.

Sunday: 9 miles run

Woke up this morning feeling very tired, with a cold, and still very sore from the day before. Basically: I did not want to go run.

I toyed with the idea of just going to the gym and sticking on a film, and just going slooowly. However, my gym is 45 mins away by public transport, so it almost takes more effort to get there than it’s worth. So, I ran!

I caught the metro down the line, then ran from the metro station to the river and down the river back to my flat. It was slightly cheating as it was all downstream, which means it was also slightly downhill! But the 9 miles passed a lot easier than I had imagined they would, and then I felt a lot more deserving of just lying in bed and talking to my friends on Skype and watching movies.

As I used to, I’m going to be linking up with Jess and Jess from JessRunsATL and The Right Fits! These girls have been inspiring me from abroad, even as I haven’t getting in my workouts so often the last few weeks… Check out both their pages for more inspiration 🙂



One thought on “Weekly Workout Round-up!

  1. Thanks for linking up and congrats on your new job/location- how exciting! It’s always tough at first to get adjusted and figure out where to run. It will get easier!


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