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Apologies for my absence…

Sorry, I’ve not posted on here for a long time. I’ve been thinking about posts I could be writing, but most of my time now is spent writing for my job, things have been getting out of hand, and I have been busy settling into a new city.

I just moved to Chile! To Santiago, the capital, to work as a journalist for an English-language news website. It’s fun, vibrant, cold (it’s winter), tiring, and just non-stop. I arrived just over a week ago, and spent my time exploring, apartment hunting, meeting my new colleagues, and starting my job! So, I’ve been slightly too busy to even think about writing up all the ideas inside my head.

It’s interesting here, trying to continue my fitness lifestyle. I thought it was hard in the U.K. where I had access to protein powder, almond butter, smoothie-makers, a gym very very close, and plenty of time to mess around. However, here it’s much worse!

I’m sure that all of the above are available here – in fact, I’ve seen them! But they come at a much higher price, and I’m working at a much lower salary. Honestly? I’m struggling to maintain the same nutrition because I can’t afford all of the things I am used to.

However, I’m taking this as a challenge! I will work it out, and I will return to my normally dietary habits.

Currently, I’m sticking to a paleo diet for 2 meals a day, and most of my snacks. However, it is a modified paleo which allows for some cultivated dairy products like greek yoghurt, and pseudo-grains such as quinoa. I have also been eating a lot of Soya mince, because it is a lot cheaper than any other protein here and is infinitely customizable.

As for exercise, I have taken a few weeks to rebalance my body and to s.t.o.p.

Running 40+ miles a week is fun, and great for my health, but I had reached the point where my body was getting more stressed than it was worth, and when I just needed to take a break. I have been continuing with my running, but at a much lower number of miles (25ish miles a week). I will be building this up slowly, so that I can start a marathon training programme in October for my first official marathon in March!

The gym and lifting has also slightly been sidelined, as it is around 45 mins away by public transport, and I have yet to really get into the swing of being awake early enough to go before work! The same with climbing, as there is cheaper entry into the climbing gym if you go before 9am. Unfortunately, so far I have been busy every night until past midnight, and have chosen sleep and a later workout over getting up and forcing myself out of the house.

Nevertheless, I have been walking at least 15 000 steps a day, as I live close enough to all the major places I need for my work that I don’t need to take public transport at all. This has kept me active, and has also tired me out enough that I haven’t missed my exercise routine as much as I would have done had I been stuck inside at a desk all day.

This will all settle, and become much more routine. I know it will, all I have to do is wait out this period of “settling” and try and do as much as I can, as best as I can. I also will be joining a trekking club here in Santiago which goes every weekend, and a running club which also has weekday training sessions! I’m hoping that my best way of making friends is through the things I like doing most – my journalism and my exercise.

Have you ever had to uproot yourself and move somewhere new? How did you cope with the change in atmosphere and routine? Let me know below, or follow me on Instagram (@primallyimperfect) and drop me a message. Have a good day!

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