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Weekly Workout Round-up, intensive week!

TOTAL – 48 miles run, 10 miles hiked, 3 strength sessions, 1 climbing session

As I did last week, I’ve linked up with Jess and Jess from Jess runs ATL and The Right Fits for their weekly workout round-up. I find this round-up an amazing way of keeping motivated by watching what all of the other amazing bloggers are up to with their training! Check out all of the other bloggers in the link-up at the end of The Right Fit’s weekly round-up blog post – found here.

This week has been slightly topsy-turvy as I finally joined a gym again (YAY!) so went slightly crazy, had some unplanned exercise on my rest days, and did two long runs as well. I’d got out of the habit of doing my long runs on Sundays, because of family events and friend visits, but I realised how much I like the solitary emptiness of weekend roads, when most people are still in bed after a long week. So, this week I did my normal long run on Tuesday, then flipped my rest days round so I could do another on Sunday and return to normal. This is why my miles are slightly higher than they would be normally!

Monday: Rest day!

As I had a family party last Sunday, my long run was delayed again until Tuesday. So #nevermissamonday was once again… missed. After such a busy weekend with my family, all I did on Monday was veg on the sofa, plan a few blog posts, and do a bit of cleaning. Nothing exciting!

Tuesday: 16 miles and arm day

I set off in the morning for a 16-mile run, but came back after 12 because of a lack of water and a nagging blister. After a rest and rehydration, I went into town to do some programming work, and popped into the gym for the first day of a 3-day free trial. I ran the other 4 miles on the treadmill, then did a 30 minute arm workout using some of the heavy weight equipment.


Wednesday: 5 miles and climbing

As a recovery run, I split this up into 2×2.5 miles, run at 8 min mile pace down the canal. I drive to climbing, and my route goes by the entrance to a tow path which is 1.25 miles along to the next intersection with a road, so I stopped on the way to and also back from climbing.

Climbing was… tough. I hadn’t been in two weeks due to being busy and not having the car, and hadn’t lifted in that time either. The skin around my calluses had softened, which resulted in two huge bleeding rips in my hands that stopped me after around 55 mins. It was a shame because my arm strength was actually holding up, and I could have continued climbing for longer!


Thursday: 4 miles tempo and leg day

Back at the gym! These 4 miles were run as a pyramid tempo run:

1000m warm up (8:00 pace)

5 x 400m (7:10 – 6:10 pace)

With 2 mins jog in between

1000m cool down

Then I did a simple leg circuit with weights:

Barbell Squats – 5×8 (50kg), 3×5 (65kg)

Barbell split squats – 5×8 (40kg)

Bent-over Row – 5×8 (40kg)

Bench press – 5×8 (40kg), 3×5 (45kg)

Overhead press – 5×5 (30kg)

Deadlift – 5×5 (60kg)

Friday: Ab circuit and 10km run

In the morning, I did a simple 30 min ab circuit whilst watching an episode of Casual on Amazon Prime – have you seen it? It’s very addictive! And, with episodes being only half an hour long, it makes perfect time for a free-weights circuit at home.

In the afternoon, I went out for a 10km run and it hurt. After 4 days running in a row, and leg day the day before, I wasn’t really expecting it to be easy, but my legs ached even before I started. Nevertheless, after the first mile I was stretched out and actually enjoyed myself! I ended the run on an average pace of 8:45, which was a surprise because I wasn’t watching the clock and just tried to take it easy.


Saturday: 10 mile hilly hike

So… this was meant to be a rest day (and I needed a rest day!). But I was alone at home with my dad and for once in our lives we both had a free day, so we took advantage of that and the fine weather and took ourselves off to the Peak District for a 4 hour hike up into the rocky hills.

I did ache afterwards, and didn’t feel rested in the slightest, but it was repaid by spending a great time with my dad! I’ve been taking every opportunity to spend time with my family recently as I will be spending so much time away from England in the next year, and skipping a rest day seemed like a small price to pay!

Sunday: 17 miles total

First run was a 13.5 mile long run around the waterways near my village. It was flat and perfect running weather, but I was painfully slow after my long week and stopped a couple of times towards the end.

Once I had rested and rehydrated, I went out again for 3.5 miles stretch-out, which were not as painful as I had feared. I took 20 minutes to stretch and foam-roll in front of the tv, and literally fell into bed asleep before my head even touched the pillow.


I was surprisingly happy with my weekly miles and how well my body coped with the change in intensity. It’s not an amount that I am happy to do every single week at the moment, but I’m not absolutely dead, which is a big surprise. I’m writing this on Monday evening, and I’ve run another 10km today, taking me up to 54 miles in the last 7 days. Tomorrow is a MUCH needed rest day, which I will take full advantage of!

What did you get up to this week? Do you ever push yourself a lot harder than normal, just to see how far you can actually go? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Round-up, intensive week!

    1. Thanks for the comment!
      Climbing is my new obsession – I’ve mainly been doing indoor bouldering but have just found some people to go up into the hills and try some outdoor bouldering with, so I’m very excited (although my arms are already hating me…)


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