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Workouts, Week 1: Sunday 25th June – Saturday 1st July

The structure of my weekly workouts is normally very similar week-on-week, in that I dedicate 5 days running, with 1 or 2 sessions at my climbing gym and 2 or 3 other strength sessions, normally in the gym with heavy weights. This week, with me moving back home for the summer and re-establishing myself in the middle of nowhere with no gym in the surrounding area, I’ve had to switch everything up a bit!

TOTAL: 43.5 miles running, 2 days climbing, 2 strength sessions

Sunday: 20 miles

Sundays are normally my long run day, when I wake up at around 5am to fuel up, caffeine up, and wake up to start running 2 hours later.

This Sunday I ran 16 miles in the morning (average pace 9:00 per miles), on hills surrounding my village. The first 10 miles were completely road, then the remainder was a mix of muddy trail and grass, finishing up back on the road for a mile or so. This run was actually very fun, with the temperature actually being bearable for once (lately, my long runs have been a battle with sweat, dehydration and sunburn).

After a lazy lunch with my parents and grandma, I took my grandma back to her care home then came home and dragged my mum out for a 4-mile shake-out run along the canal. My mum doesn’t run (YET!), but she cycled happily behind me and pointed out all the swans and ducklings she saw along the way. Having someone there to talk to ensures that I don’t go off on an unsustainable pace, along me to stretch out all of my muscles so I won’t be too sore the next day!

Monday: 3 miles + climbing

I went to Nottingham Climbing centre for the first time since Easter, and tested their new routes for a happy hour and a half. Climbing really helps me to test my balance and build strength in a fun and mentally stimulating way – I’ve always felt that I lack upper body strength (pains of being a runner) but since starting this activity in March I’ve seen a huge improvement.

After dinner, I wanted to go on a recovery run. I was shooting for 5ish miles, but decided to rein it in since I overdid it a little bit at the climbing wall! Instead I just stuck on a podcast and jogged 5km along the grassy canal. I have a rather love / hate relationship with the canal as it can be boring and long, but the mixture of gravel and grass makes it an ideal surface for building leg strength without causing injury.

Tuesday: Running rest, 75 mins strength

No cardio today, but I did go out on a couple of 45 min walks to take breaks in the middle of working on this blog and on some other projects. At home, it’s very easy just to sit inside all day as there is literally NOTHING to do in the village, but I’ve found that I can motivate myself out by downloading a couple of podcasts and walking for an episode.

Normally on a Tuesday I will spend around 90 minutes doing weight training in the gym, but I have no gym here so it was a body-weight circuit which I improvised (with some improvised weights… including a money box full of change).

1 – (Push-ups – 3 x 12, Sit-ups – 3 x 25, Squat press – 3 x 15) x2 with 30 seconds rest in between each exercise.

2 – (Lie-down press-ups – 3 x 12, Money box flyes and press on a bench – 3 x 12, Box squats – 3 x 8) x2 with 30 seconds rest between each exercise

3 – (Mountain climbers – 3 x 20 on each side, Bicycle crunches – 3 x 25 on each side, Squat swings – 3 x 20) x2 with 30 seconds rest between each exercise

4 – (Plank – 1 minute, Side Plank – 30 secs each side) x2 with 30 seconds rest between each exercise.

Wednesday: 10 miles

Woke up and it was cold, rainy and windy = I really didn’t want to do this run! After faffing around a lot at home, I finally ran out into the rain and… SMASHED IT. 10 miles in 1hr 25!! (8:30 pace), in the wind, and not having thought too much about nutrition. Maybe it was the rest day? Maybe it was the music? I have no idea, but it made me feel great!

Apart from this run, I was on my feet cooking for a lot of the day and topped it off by going for an hour-long walk after dinner.

Thursday: 5 miles + climbing

Tomorrow, I’m going to get up early and head into the city to go climbing, stopping on the way there and the way back to do 2.5 miles of sprints each time along the canal path. I’ll do these Fartlek-style, probably 400m jog, 200m sprint and repeat!

Climbing will be an hour and a half session, followed by walking around the city (probably 4 or 5 miles) to do shopping for my brother’s birthday.

Friday: 5.5 miles + ab and arm circuits

Busy day today! Going camping with my family for the weekend, but planning on a 5.5 mile run in the morning before making the 4-hour trip up North to Northumberland. I’m sure that this day (apart from the journey) I’ll be mainly on my feet, packing up and then setting up camp and exploring the area. I also want to fit in some time to do 30 mins abs and arms body weight circuit (probably the above circuit, but halved).

Saturday: REST DAY

Saturday is always a rest day for me, and although this means no “exercise” I still make sure to get my steps in! I will be going on a day-trip around some islands and a castle with my family, so I’m sure that I’ll be staying active even though I won’t be doing any cardio or weights.

If you have any questions regarding my workouts, don’t hesitate to comment or DM me on Instagram (@primallyimperfect). Normally they would be much more gym-focussed, but as I am currently missing a gym I’m slightly improvising!

3 thoughts on “Workouts, Week 1: Sunday 25th June – Saturday 1st July

  1. Wow. WOW. I run about 9-10 miles a week and I just can’t seem to get past 3 miles every other day without really getting tired and worn out. Maybe it’s because I’m more than twice as old as you, but also maybe because I’ve only been running since September. My pace is sub-9 minutes for my miles, but 3 is my comfortable limit right now. I’m also especially curious about your nutrition as a runner and as a new Paleo adherent. I’ve been Paleo for 20 months, and while it’s helped me lose 150 lbs, I don’t know if it’s hampering my ability to make progress in my own running. I’m deathly afraid of gaining weight again, so I stay away from grains/dairy/sugar like they are poison (because it seems to my body, they were/are). I will be following your blog closely; you’re an inspiration for those of us who hope to grow as runners and build the distances.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment and your support! It sounds like you’re doing great – I guess it can take time for your body to adapt to a new diet and exercise regime. I think that as a runner (or any type of exerciser), I’m naturally inclined to want to think more about what I eat. I started really by tracking what I eat, not to measure macros but more just to make sure I wasn’t going overboard with some things -just as an example, on Paleo it’s very easy to eat a lot of fat but for me I find that fat doesn’t help me to fuel my running. Another thing that really helped me with my running is to take things slow and easy – to build up to longer distances take walk breaks or go at a much slower pace than your normal. Sub-9 is amazing for a new runner! I hope some of this helped, but I’ll be adding a new post in the next few days more specifically about my running and route into the distances and intensities that I run so keep tuned for that 🙂

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